Michelle & Jordan || Yinzer Valley Farms

What do you do when your wedding reception venue changes 30 days before your big day and the best man is late arriving to the ceremony?

You get married anyway!

In all seriousness, Michelle and Jordan were the picture of bliss on their wedding day. While I wasn’t privy to the “behind the scenes” of their final 30 days of rapid wedding planning revisions, they were both as excited and happy to be getting married as they were when I saw them a year ago for their engagement photo session.

I don’t want to throw the best man under the bus completely. He did arrive before the ceremony started and made it into all of the photos before the ceremony. The best man may or may not have encountered an officer of the law for driving excessively fast… but the best man shall remain nameless here!

(Michelle and Jordan planned for a first look, so we could take care of family and bridal party formal photos before the ceremony... more on organizing a First Look in another blog post).

The ceremony was sweet and joyful, from Michelle’s parents giving her away to Michelle and Jordan reading their vows to one another that they wrote. I love handwritten vows at the ceremony and good toasts at the reception. This wedding had it all!

Even though they had to plan for a change of reception venue last minute, I can’t imagine their reception being hosted anywhere else. It was a perfect fit for Michelle and Jordan. Their reception was hosted at Yinzer Valley Farms, a beautiful location on a hilltop that accommodated a big, white event tent, a bonfire area with “porch” swings, and a patio area for the bar with twinkling lights overhead.

From a photo perspective, it was a dream because we had great space for portraits with just the new Mister and Missus and got blessed with an amazing golden hour AND colorful sunset!

You can tell Michelle and Jordan are in it to win it, with their marriage wrapped in love from their families and a whole lotta Jesus! It was a beautiful day in photos, video and at heart.

Michelle and Jordan, thank you for allowing me and my team to capture your special day! It was a true pleasure from beginning to end.

. . .