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Sophia & Brandon || a First Look at Heinz Chapel

By September 5, Sophia and Brandon had already been married for six months thanks to the negative effects of COVID but were looking forward to finally sharing and celebrating their joy with family and friends at Succop Nature Park that afternoon. As my thanks to Sophia for helping me with a blog post earlier in the year about COVID weddings on Zoom, I was excited to help them capture their first look on Pitt's campus like they had originally envisioned when they planned their special day.

While this definitely wasn't their first rodeo with wedding photos, being able to capture photos of Sophia and Brandon at a place that meant so much to them was so fun to be part of!

For all of the first looks I photograph, I start by getting the groom in place and giving him strict instructions to not look behind him. Once he's set, we then bring in the bride to walk up behind him, tap him on the shoulder so he can turn and see his beautiful bride for the first time all dolled up for their wedding day.

All within 40 minutes, we were able to capture Sophia and Brandon's first look and photos at Heinz Chapel, the Cathedral of Learning and the Carnegie Library pillars! Special thanks to Sophia's entourage for helping make the swooping veil shots I love so much work that day!


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