The Zoom Wedding She Never Planned For

[image provided by Kate Brooke Photography]

When I first saw Sophia’s post in the Pittsburgh Wedding Community Facebook group, I thought how courageous she was for deciding to still get married on her original wedding date in early April 2020 while inviting immediate family members to attend via Zoom.

In her post, she included a couple of photos and, “Happy to answer any questions if anyone is faced with a similar situation!” It was so generous of her to offer help to other strangers in the same boat.

While I wasn’t a current bride, I had to reach out to her to hear all about her experience. I thought if I could help spread Sophia and Brandon’s wedding story, perhaps it would encourage and help another bride. During our conversation, Sophia is an incredibly kind and honest person to share all about her wedding planning, wedding day and rescheduled wedding plans due to social distancing.

If you’re facing some tough decisions right now as a bride getting married soon, I hope Sophia and Brandon’s wedding story encourages you to keep what’s important to you about your wedding day and still help everyone remain safe during the Stay at Home and social distancing orders.

[image provided by Kate Brooke Photography]

Q: At what point did you decide to cancel your original wedding date?

So Brandon and I were engaged in September 2018, and I immediately booked Heinz Hall and Soldiers & Sailors, and then we booked our caterer, florist and bakery a little later.

The week after my bachelorette party in early March was when things started to fall apart. Heinz Chapel called on March 12 to tell me that all weddings scheduled there through the end of May were cancelled. Right before that, my engine light came on and my leftovers in the work fridge got thrown out, so I definitely cried when I got the call. It was just a bad day!

The news was really rolling out that week about the coronavirus and the Stay at Home orders and social distancing was clearly pointing to cancelli