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Feat. Venue: TRYP by Wyndham

If I haven’t gushed to you about shooting bride and groom portraits at TRYP Pittsburgh in Lawrenceville, then here’s your chance.

Photographing portraits with just Courtney and Kevin on their wedding day at TRYP worked out perfectly for their wedding day. They had designated a full hour for photos with just the two of them (every photographer’s DREAM!) on their wedding day after a brunch-style reception at Spirit in Lawrenceville. While Spirit worked out great for their reception, it wasn’t ideal for the variety and style of portraits they wanted.

After discussing what photos they wanted for their portrait time, I went into research mode scouring Google Maps and searches for public or private locations that looked good for wedding day photos with a bride and groom. Eventually, I came across TRYP, a newer hotel in Lawrenceville just minutes from their reception location that was renovated from an old school building. Kudos to their marketing team because the images of the restaurants, rooftop and first floor bar areas immediately captivated my attention and I could tell would photograph well. Courtney and Kevin were on board with photos at TRYP, so I called TRYP and received approval to shoot photos with my couple there on August 3. It’s always courteous to call or email ahead to confirm your intent to shoot photos with clients and a responsibility I take care of as the photographer.

If I could sum up what I loved about TRYP in three words, they would be: variety, classy, and unique.

Okay, so maybe that was more than three words. But let me explain (and show you!) more of what I loved about this venue.


Variety in each bride and groom portrait collection is a top priority to me on any given wedding day. Some venues more easily provide greater variety in locations than others to shoot good photos but TRYP was 10 out of 10 in the variety category. We photographed in the foyer, the Brick Shop on the first level, Over Eden restaurant and the rooftop dining area. Each space provided dynamic photo opportunities, which in the end, makes for an outstanding gallery variety.


As a photographer, there are some venues you prepare to work more creatively to ensure the wedding images look as classy and beautiful as possible, and there are venues that are just born to host bride and groom portraits. TRYP was one of the latter. The space was designed incredibly well to prioritize natural light, appealing colors and clean lines that all contribute to some dang good-looking images for any couple.


Now I get that being truly “unique” is difficult to achieve these days, but TRYP held features that you just couldn’t find in another venue. There was a different theme and local art featured on each level of the building. It had a perfect blend of modern and original elements, having salvaged parts of the original school building it now occupies. My main highlight is the elevators that were paneled with the hardwood gymnasium flooring from the original building. The TRYP guests were even extra courteous there to let us hold the elevators captive on the first floor until we could successfully synchronize the two doors for a unique photo with Courtney and Kevin.

While Courtney and Kevin didn’t host their ceremony or reception events at TRYP, it would completely work to host both there on site! They have amazing event spaces available that would be perfect for bridal showers, micro weddings, or just a weekend away in a unique space.

If you’re interested in exploring TRYP Pittsburgh for your wedding or event, check out their website ( or download their Events & Celebrations guide!

Download PDF • 13.07MB

No, I don’t receive incentives from TRYP. I just really do love the space and think you may like it, too!


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