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Jenn & Joe || a Wexford Area Wedding

How many wedding photos are too many for a day? Where some couples budget an hour of their wedding day dedicated to portraits for just the two of them, other couples want great photos but do not want to spend so much time on photos.

And I just want you to know THAT'S OKAY! Some wedding day logistics do not accommodate tons of time dedicated to bride and groom portraits, and some brides and grooms just aren't all that enthralled by having their pictures taken together.

It's okay if capturing the most original wedding portraits is not at the top of your wedding priorities. For many couples, enjoying time with family and friends who have gathered or have flown in from out-of-state just for their wedding is the number one goal, and as your photographer, I will 100 percent support you in that!

Of course, this doesn't mean we skip the family, bridal party and bride and groom portrait times altogether. Heavens, I would be doing you a great disservice if I let you skip those! But, we always find the right balance between capturing the photos and variety the bride and groom want and allowing them to simply enjoy their day with loved ones.

Jenn and Joe were fantastic to work with because they knew what they wanted as far as wedding day photos were concerned but were clear that it was very important to them to spend time with their guests. Our portrait time with just Jenn and Joe clocked in at maybe 10 minutes after dinner was served at the Lewis Family Farms, so we worked efficiently to get them a fun variety of photos to cherish throughout their marriage.

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