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How to Include Your Dog in Your Engagement Photo Session

white fluffy dog sitting between his favorite humans, one's in a gray suit and the other is in a red dress

YES. The answer is yes, you are more than welcome to bring your furry, four-legged family members to your engagement session! To make sure your photo session is fun and runs on time, here are three tips to consider in planning your session that includes Rufus (that’s what I’ve named your blog dog here):

ONE: Make sure your location is dog friendly. Wherever we confirm to host your engagement photo session, I want help us avoid any unwanted surprises in your experience. Most outdoor locations, like parks and public spaces, will be fine with the presence of furry friends. Just be mindful of doo-doo duty, of course. If you have your heart set on your favorite cafe or indoor spot, I’d be happy to call ahead to talk to the owner to make sure Rufus won’t disturb the peace. Calling in advance can also ensure there’s a table reserved for you and that we won’t be disturbing any other venue happenings at that time. In case dogs are not allowed inside the venue, we can get creative and take advantage of the building front or the immediate outdoor area, so Rufus can still be included in your engagement photos at your favorite spot!

white fluffy dog waits patiently with his wrangler in the evening sun
Kirsten's dad on the left (aka the engagement photo session dog wrangler)

TWO: Bring a dog wrangler. Asking a friend, roommate or family member to walk Rufus around when he’s not needed in photos can help you focus on each other during the photo session. Walking Rufus can help keep him calm and make it easier to take photos when the time comes! If it’s an especially hot or humid day, he could also opt to stay in the air conditioned car with the dog wrangler to keep him cool and happy.

while his humans hold hands, Rufus the dog is ready to sprint ahead with them, but they are slow and just want to walk

THREE: Bring doggo’s necessities. Where you may bring one or two changes of outfits and your makeup bag, Rufus will also need some necessities for the engagement shoot. To make sure he stays happy and comfortable whether he’s on or off camera, Rufus should plan to be leashed throughout the session and pack water, a water bowl, tasty snacks, and doo-doo bags for the occasion. If he’s feeling especially glamorous, he can also plan to bring a bowtie, a small sign to pose with, and his brush to smooth any unruly fur.

Rufus can be a super fun addition to your engagement photo gallery, especially if he’s a special part of your family and love story. With some planning ahead, we can make sure your engagement photo session is the best experience, for you and for Rufus!

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