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Feat. Maryland Wedding: Sophia & Ethan

Winter weddings are a little extra special, in my humble opinion, because not everyone is bold enough to get married around the holidays or when it's cold outside. As it is with most things in life, the greater the scarcity, the greater the appreciation.

But a wintertime wedding ON a big holiday is even more rare, and the Spicher and McGuire families celebrated a perfect Christmas Eve wedding with Ethan and Sophia in Hagerstown, Maryland.

To be fair, Ethan and Sophia explained during our Meet & Greet call that a Christmas Eve wedding wasn't their first choice. But when the groom's sister is a seasoned wedding planner (shout out to Carrie Anne Events!), Ethan and Sophia's special day was destined to be a beautiful, meaningful experience no matter when or where they celebrated.

Beyond the design of the wedding, I love to see the ways each couple infuses parts of their heritage, personalities or favorite things into their wedding celebration. Ethan and Sophia hosted their ceremony at the chapel on St. James School, a familiar and meaningful place to Ethan as an alum. Sophia wore a classic string of pearls that were an heirloom from Ethan's family, and their sweet GSP pup couldn't make a live appearance but was represented in Ethan's details (peep his cuff links)!

Even though we didn't get snow like I was hoping for, there were so many things to love about this wedding day.

Congratulations, Sophia and Ethan, and thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day.


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