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Savannah & Stephen || Cranberry, Pa.

Ask me to summarize Savannah and Stephen's wedding day into one word and I'd choose "personalized." No, the napkins and favors were not monogrammed with the couple's initials in the colors of their wedding. Rather, I noticed they personalized their wedding day experience not with things but people involved in their special day. When I stopped to reflect on the day, it was really cool to see all the friends, family and services they incorporated.

The beautiful florals were arranged by Savannah's sisters-in-law Cricket, Faith and Ariel and bridesmaids Ivy Menges and Karleigh Hennigh.

They were married by Savannah's Uncle Rick, who is a pastor at Bridge City Church with her dad.

With Stephen's active duty in the Coast Guard, a heritage of military service members in his family, and the restaurant's mission to serve and support veterans and active service men and women, it was perfect that they chose Mission BBQ to cater their dinner. (And it was super yummy! I cheated on my vegetarian habits that day...!)

DJ Nick was also a campus pastor from Bridge City Church who works with Savannah's dad and uncle and disc-jockeys on weekends. If Nick wouldn't have told me he was also a pastor, I would've thought he's only worked DJ gigs his whole life, he was that good!

So how did I make the list? I went to college with Savannah and served on the student-led worship team (I stayed off the stage and helped with the audio and visuals). I remember Savannah was well-loved and always smiling whenever I saw her around campus! It was an honor that she thought of me and reached out to talk about covering her wedding photo and video needs.

There were likely many other meaningful details about their wedding that I missed, but all these people and elements worked together for a perfect wedding day. It just added an extra beauty to it that can only be realized with years of prior relationship-building and careful (as in "full of care") friendships.

From our conversations leading up to the wedding day, I knew Savannah and Stephen most valued time with their family and friends. If they had the option to steal away for 10 minutes to capture a few more portraits during the reception, they'd much prefer to spend that 10 minutes with their people. Understanding this about them helped us all make the most of the day! Their family and friends enjoyed aaallllll the time with the newlyweds on the dance floor, which made it so easy for Harry and me from the videography and photography perspectives to capture everyone having a good time celebrating together. This was by far one of the most interactive and fun receptions I've ever shot, and I believe it's largely in thanks to Savannah's and Stephen's priority to love on their family and friends throughout their wedding day.

Updated February 2020: sadly, the NOAH's Event Venue franchise permanently closed and is no longer available to book.


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