Battling the Disappointment of 2020

Everyone’s talking about it. 2020 has been one heck of a year, with still another month to go. This year really threw our expectations off the rails, and hurt us in different ways. It caused extra emotional challenges, hurdles at work, and social boundaries.

So first, let’s allow ourselves to feel it. We had to visit our loved ones without being able to hug them, and even cancelled our plans to visit friends out of concern for their health.

That hurt.

Difficult decisions were made to postpone weddings.


Work asked us to be productive from home and limited our interactions with coworkers to Zoom calls.

That was difficult to miss seeing work friends on a daily basis.

Through it all, we feel we’ve lost some of our identity, authority, purpose, sense of community, routines, creativity, and ability to love others how we’ve always been able to love on others.

2020 has been hurtful, and it’s okay to feel it. Mourn what we feel we’ve lost.

Now at the end of the year, many people are choosing to highlight the good on the front of their social media news feeds and conversations. It seems gratitude is the only way we can combat the feelings of disappointment or defeat this year has brought on everyone at different potencies.

Gratitude for more quality time with family, good health for our loved ones, and seeing how friends have still showed up for us in creative ways in the lows this year brought.