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We’re engaged! Now what?

What to do first after you get engaged

After the excitement and fun of getting engaged to the love of your life, confusion can set in. Because a wedding is what will naturally follow your engagement, the realization of ALL the work necessary to make your dream wedding a reality can hit you in full force.

But don’t worry; nearly all couples will have this same incredibly-happy-but-confused-and-a-little-overwhelmed feeling a few days after the engagement.

We’re engaged! But now what should we do? How do we start this process of planning our perfect wedding?

Well, the honest answer is: it depends.

It depends on what is most important to YOU in your wedding planning process. In this instance, you can only have ONE most important thing.

Why only one?

Your single most important thing about your wedding planning experience will tell you exactly what to prioritize and clarify your first steps.

How does this work? Ask yourself, “if I have to choose just one, what is the ONE thing I don’t want to compromise for my wedding?”

Has hosting your wedding at the Decatur House always been your dream location? Then book your venue first.

Did you watch your older sister drown in wedding tasks in addition to her full-time job, and you want to avoid that kind of stress completely? Then book your wedding planner first.

Have you followed your dream photographer for years on Instagram and have your heart set on her shooting your wedding day? Then book your photographer first.

Sit down and talk with your fiance about what’s most important to you and to you both as you plan your perfect first day as husband and wife. To help start your conversation, here’s a list of wedding day vendors, services and elements you’ll want to include in your decision making:

  • Ceremony venue

  • Reception venue

  • Wedding planner

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Caterer

  • DJ / Band

  • Floral designer

  • Stationery / paper goods

  • Dog /pet handler (if applicable)

  • Wedding gown designer

  • Tuxedo / suit

  • Bridal party members

  • Hair & makeup

  • Bridesmaids’ dresses

  • Groomsmen’s attire

  • Transportation for bridal party and/or guests

  • Ceremony musicians

  • Officiant

  • Bakery

  • Jeweler

  • Bar services

  • Rentals (chairs, tables, linens etc)

Once you discuss and decide together what’s most important to your wedding day, keep moving down your list of most important things as you prioritize your planning tasks.

Ideally, you can delegate all of the nitty gritty details of wedding planning to an experienced wedding planner who can deliver your dream wedding day!

No matter what avenue of planning you choose, make your wedding day everything YOU want!


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