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Megan & Tyler || Schenley Park & Pittsburgh Riverfront Engagement Session

What I loved most about Megan & Tyler's engagement photo session was Megan's enthusiasm to capture alllllll the pretty photos together. Whether it meant walking a half mile in the July heat from the Point to the Clemente Bridge and back again to catch golden hour photos at the fountain, she was game. It made the session time extra fun for me behind the camera because you can only exercise your creativity as much as the couple will enjoy interacting in front of the camera.

Megan and I grew up together attending AWANA, youth group and a mission trip to Costa Rica. We played with American Girl dolls, looked for crayfish in the "crick" behind their house, and made her dad use his serious voice when we piled as many kids as possible on the slide into the pool. I have many fond memories shared with Megan, but celebrating their engagement and wedding day to come may be my favorite yet.

Now Tyler I don't know very well except through mutual friends, but after spending a couple of hours taking photos throughout Shenley Park and the riverfront, I can see glimpses of what makes him the perfect fit for Megan. He was incredibly patient and selfless to wear the outfit Megan wanted him to wear (sorry fellas. Long pants do photograph better, even in 85 degree weather!) and walk wherever Megan and I had set our sights on next to photograph. All the while, Tyler was starvin' Marvin for dinner (again, sorry the best time to shoot photos is also when most people eat dinner!). Tyler was a trooper, never complained, and helped them capture the most amazing engagement photos together.

And gosh this was only their engagement photo session... Can't wait to capture the day they become husband and wife in October!


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