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Hello 2023!

Darling & Dear offers engaged couples a stress-free and fun wedding photo experience (in addition to high-quality, fabulous photos of course) so that each couple can deeply enjoy their first day of marriage together with loved ones. Darling & Dear also offers videography when booked with photography. 2023 August, September and October dates still available.

I'll be honest. I didn’t show up in my Darling & Dear space very consistently in 2022. You could probably guess that by simply looking at my social media. I think I posted a dozen times in 2022, which compared to other photographers is super lame of me.

Since having our first baby Ruah, my “other baby” (that is, my business) took a back burner to staying present for my family and little girl, working to be a best mom and wife. My priorities adapted to our new family dynamic, and it was too easy to ignore my business. The vehicle to maintain and operate my photography work was and is still in place; I just was in cruise control at about 5 mph.

With that confession out in the open, there are still a lot of wonderful things to celebrate about 2022 for Darling & Dear! I am incredibly grateful for the amazing couples I did get to work with last year, because they were truly such a pleasure to work with! In a way, I felt so lazy in my business efforts last year behind the scenes that I’m not sure how I deserved to work with such wonderful people and still enjoy the creative process.

To Brianna & Johnny, your wedding day was just gorgeous! And so fun that you were able to include energetic Macie in your special day!

To Jarrett & Emily, it’s a special honor to photograph such special moments for a dear friend (now TWO dear friends!). It was also so special, Jarrett, to get to meet your parents and siblings and have dinner with you all outside of wedding things.

To Brooke & Dylan, not only was your ceremony one-of-a-kind (still loved the song you both sang together), but Brooke, the smallest details you included in your wedding day to make those most special to you feel incredibly loved radiated how selfless and caring you are. It was all so beautiful to capture.

To Tierra & Cooper, you both persevered through not enjoying being the center of attention and a torrential downpour on your wedding day! If rain is a good omen for the future of your marriage, I expect y’all to make it to your 100th wedding anniversary!

And to Jacob & Amy, the way you both couldn’t stop looking at one another (and kissing!) made it evident that you were just so thrilled to become husband and wife that day! I don’t remember either of you getting frazzled or stressed during your wedding day because I think you both were awed and honored to become each other’s spouses. It was a beautiful thing to capture!

Heading into 2023, I am working to better prioritize Darling & Dear. There are parts of every work that we tend to enjoy less (hey there, bookkeeping), but I can’t let that take away from the immense blessings that also come from my photography work. I’m looking forward to finding more consistency to show up on social media each week, shoot another Morris Family wedding (hooray!!), and exercise the creativity through wedding photography that I know I’m gifted, skilled and ready for!

I’m a few days late to the party, but HELLO 2023!


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