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Welcome to our world, Ruah!

a little and lovely life update to share!

If we thought 2020 was a wild ride, 2021 is trying really hard to up the ante! Our little family dove into the year anticipating a new job for Zachary, a new house and a new baby. We survived the collision of so many transitions, but would definitely recommend spacing these kind of big life events further apart!

Zachary started his job at the end of February, working in Chambersburg during the week and coming back to Waynesburg on weekends. We sold our Waynesburg home at the end of March and lived with family through April while we waited on all the paperwork to come through on buying our new home in Chambersburg. Meanwhile, I had a flurry of doctors appointments to get us settled in with a new OB and hospital. We anticipated closing on our new home by April 26 and were scheduled to be induced at Hershey Medical Center on April 28.

Well, plans fell through and we went into the hospital to have our baby without having the keys to our new house. Not the best way to surprise a 9-month pregnant lady. It was stressful, but the Lord was still working in the details to work everything out for us! We had a beautiful baby girl on April 29, closed on the house May 6 and family and friends moved all of our belongings into the new home May 8.

Our sweet baby girl, Ruah, did have some complications at birth that required surgery, but our fabulous medical team at Hershey anticipated these issues and had a plan in place before Ru was born. Her surgery and recovery went remarkably well, and we were finally home as a family of three by May 15.

Through all of this, I was so grateful to have such talented and trusted associate photographers to cover my May and June weddings! I truly could not have weathered all of the changes this year without them. (Thank you Hannah and Katelan!)

As I write this, our sweet little warrior has already aged four months (still asking myself HOW?!), and she is our favorite joy to love each day. As the fall wedding season kicks in, Ru will be spending extra time with her grandparents while mommy photographs weddings and daddy wins soccer games.

Ruah has certainly helped us reprioritize our life as a family, and we are grateful for each day we can enjoy with our girl and see the good gifts God has for her!

All the life transitions at the same time is rough, but upgrading from a family of two to a family of three... would highly recommend! Welcome to our world, Ru!

Some other family photo favorites with Ru:

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