To the Stressed Out Bride | part 1 of 5

Today’s blog is part of a multi-segment series to help brides actually enjoy their wedding planning and photo experience. If this sounds like a bride you know, please share and spread the love!

You were enjoying the dopamine high of saying “yes” to your favorite person in the entire world. What a magical moment that was! You were even ready to hit the ground running on wedding planning and started a Pinterest board of ideas.

But not long into the process, you got Stressed. Out. Why are there always more questions than answers thrown your way? Is this actually how weddings are supposed to be? Why do you feel so alone in this right now?

You may be a Stressed Out Bride if you’re feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by everyone’s questions and demands for decisions

  • Unsure about committing to certain wedding vendors

  • Strained by family relationships that bring out the worst in people

  • Lonely in the wedding planning process

Having planned my own wedding and now being involved with such beautiful occasions as a photographer, a fun planning and wedding photo experience that makes the kind of memories you want to cherish instead of forget is a true gift.

If you’re a Stressed Out Bride, consider these three tips on how you can give yourself the support you need to return to a joyful wedding planning experience:

  1. Hire a wedding planner With an experienced planner supporting your wedding vision, the details of calling vendors and finalizing pricing will be taken care of for you, if that’s the help you need in this wedding planning process. Your wedding planner can explain contracts and retainers, explore payment options to vendors and keep your plans on time and on track. Having a wedding planner simplify your wedding to-do list will help you focus on the important decisions that only you can make as the bride and have more head and heart space to enjoy watching your plans become reality.

  2. Surround yourself with your people While your family members or best friend Jill may have walked through the highs and lows of life with you so far, they may opt to tread lightly with the wedding planning. Why? Because they might be waiting for directions from you. Whether your team is big and includes your sister and eight bridesmaids or just includes your mom and aunt, give them specific ways to help you with the wedding planning. They may know you the best but they may not know how much you want them involved in the planning. If you need them more involved, tell them. If you need them to back off a little bit to allow you make some decisions, communicate that with them also. Telling your mom, “Mom, I’m really glad to have your help with the wedding plans. Can you help me figure out decorations for the reception tables?” Or telling your maiden of honor, “Hey friend, could you help make sure my bridal shower includes only my closest family members and friends? Too many people there will make me even more nervous.” Talking to each person you want on your team and giving them a specific task to handle will help you feel more cared for and less stressed.

  3. Choose the best wedding vendors for you Because you literally get to choose which people you work with while you create your wedding plans, select your wedding vendors wisely and listen to your gut. Even though vendors are providing you a product or service for your special d