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Time flies by when…

“So what are your goals for this year?” I asked him.

The turning of a new year always makes me focus on evaluating the last 365 days and setting new goals for the future 365.

My patient husband will pause what he’s doing and take a deep breath, because constantly strategizing the future isn’t his thing. It’s in his nature to enjoy life day by day, that as long as everything is good, everything is good. His personality is a God-given compliment to my critical brain, always searching the scene for ways to progress toward the ideal scenario in life and overlooking the goodness immediately before me. (If you’re familiar with the Enneagram, I’m a Type 1 and he’s a Type 9!)

Zack and I began talking about broad goals we wanted to accomplish in our 30’s. He kind of shook his head thinking about it.

“You always look forward to your 20’s, and then you’re in your 20’s and that time is already spent so quickly.”

I think it made him a little somber to be struck by how fast our lives have already passed, which made me also pause to linger on the thought of Time.

With the stresses of 2020 in our rearview mirror, motherhood coming at me fast and crossing into my 30th year of life soon, the theme of Time carries more closely with me than it did before. Considering how I plan, invest and enjoy my time isn’t a weight or burden but a greater awareness I bring into this new year, and I’m letting it spill into all aspects of my life.

In my work as a wedding photographer, I’ve decided to bring this awareness of Time to each couple I work with, especially in 2021. I’ve always supported couples to enjoy their wedding day based on what’s most important to them and the start of their marriage. Now with the experience of 2020 under our belts, I realize I can do a much better job of sharing this quality of Time with others.

The fleeting moments as the foundational makeup of Time can be most felt on your wedding day. Everyone tells you, “it goes by fast,” and they’re right. Your wedding day is a special Time in your life that excites you as it draws near but seems to rush by when it does arrive.

Consider this: if your wedding events are a total of 15 hours on your wedding date (meet your HMU artist to get started at 8 a.m. and exit your reception at 11 p.m.), that is 2% of time in your month and .171% of time in your calendar year. If your wedding day runs a little shorter than 15 hours, it’s an even smaller percentage of your time in a month or year.

So what is my goal for how to better help each of my couples this year? My goal is to help you plan how you want to enjoy the Time on your wedding day and support you in making it happen. Being the main wedding vendor who spends the most time with you on your wedding day, I can help you carve out Time for just you and your new spouse to slow down and soak in those precious moments. Slowing down to cherish Time on your wedding day will help you remember moments more vividly and carry them with you throughout your marriage.

If the Time of preparation before the wedding ceremony are most important to you, we’ll coordinate so those special moments with your family and closest friends are captured. If it’s most important to you and your groom to celebrate big with your friends at the reception, we’ll plan your photo time accordingly.

We can do this together by allowing you to focus on enjoying Time with your guests during your reception, being efficient with our Time spent on formal family portraits, or giving you private space and Time to soak in those first few hours as husband and wife.

However you choose to enjoy the precious realty of Time of your wedding day, I’m game. I’m with you. Let’s enjoy the Time 2021 gives us in the ways that we best give love to others and receive love to nourish ourselves, especially on your wedding day.

. . .

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Photos from Dominique & Joe's 2020 wedding

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