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Romantic Words at 5 a.m.

Darling & Dear offers engaged couples a stress-free and fun wedding photo experience (in addition to high-quality, fabulous photos of course) so that each couple can deeply enjoy their first day of marriage together with loved ones. Darling & Dear also offers videography when booked with photography. 2023 August, September and October dates still available.

Wedding days are as beautiful as they should be, and I love capturing them as much as the next photographer. However, I hope couples don't spend their entire marriage comparing each day to their wedding day. The wedding day is scheduled, rehearsed, planned for the intricate details. Backup plans are in place. Everyone understands and plays their part. It's a perfect day!

While scheduling and planning can certainly be found in your everyday marriage experience, the perfection and kisses and feelings of the wedding day just don't support the currents of daily life together.

Life can be difficult, but from personal experience, there are moments in the daily life together with your spouse that remind you of the butterfly-feeling and fun of your wedding day. Those are the moments that not only remind you of the wedding day past but help your marriage grow closer and stronger.

For me, one of those moments was on a random, early Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30 a.m. for no good reason, and as I’m trying to fall asleep again, I hear it.


Ugh. One of our smoke alarms downstairs was announcing it has a dying battery.


“Okay,” I tell myself. “I can still fall asleep… it’s downstairs, not that loud and definitely not worth getting out of bed to find the right smoke alarm and remove the battery.”

I literally put a pillow over my head to cover my ears.


Give it a minute… just keep trying to block out the noise.


Just keep your eyes closed and pillow over your head.


It wasn’t long before my patience depleted and in a huff, I threw the covers off and went downstairs to find the demonic smoke alarm.


I actually found two smoke alarms that could be the culprit. I pulled the batteries out of both and the CHEEP-ing stopped.

I climbed back up the stairs and into bed. Then of course…


I did all my grumpy self could do at that hour of the morning, so it was time to wake up the reinforcements (aka my husband). I felt bad for asking him to go find the sassy smoke alarm at 5 a.m., but if I didn’t, I couldn’t do two more sleepless hours before our regular wakeup time.

“Zachary, there’s a smoke alarm chirping downstairs somewhere. I took the batteries out of two of them but it’s still chirping. Can you go fix it?”

My dear husband pulled himself out of bed and within a few minutes, he returned upstairs bringing the sweet silence with him.

Finally. I was already nestling into the peaceful silence, eyes closed and covers snuggled around me again, when I heard him say the most thoughtful and romantic words he could have said in that moment.

“I bought new batteries,” he said.

I heard him replace his phone on the nightstand.

I bought new batteries.

Did anyone else swoon at reading that? (I’m guessing not…)

It made me feel so cared for that Zachary would think to order new 9V batteries on Amazon at 5 a.m. for us and so avoid any near future unwanted wake up calls or sleep in our home without functional smoke alarms.

It seems a silly thing, beeping smoke alarms and batteries. No, this is not the most difficult experience Zachary and I have had together. But I believe it is in the choice to serve your spouse, no matter the "size" of the challenge, that grows your marriage stronger long after the wedding day.

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