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Pros and Cons of Wedding Videography

One of the most debated decisions brides and grooms struggle over is whether to hire a wedding videographer or not. Of course, there are hundreds of couples who are satisfied with just photography to remember their day.

To help you avoid regret later, make a firm decision to yes, hire a wedding videographer or no, you do not want or need one. Avoid leaving the decision on the back burner until it’s too late to hire an experienced videographer for your special day.

Here are a few points to help you intentionally weigh the pros and cons of hiring your own wedding videographer:


  • Remember it more vividly: Wedding photos are wonderful for remembering your #BestDayEver on the daily, while a wedding video can help you relive the emotions of your wedding day every anniversary.

  • Photos AND video: Wedding video is a great way to share the emotion and essence of your special day in full color, audio and motion, especially if all your loved ones are unable to join you at your wedding event.

  • Audio and action shots: Hear the speeches, laughter and emotion. Even as a photographer, I support the value of wedding videography as a value to your special day you just can’t get in any other format.

  • Create a family heirloom: Like photos, your wedding video is another way you can share your wedding day with future generations in your family.

  • BTS and wedding day fun: See moments of your wedding day that you may have missed, like during cocktail hour or during the reception. Some videographers have a knack for including “Easter egg” surprises from your guests for you to view only in your wedding video for the first time!


  • Risk of little wedding videography experience: shooting wedding videos are different than commercial or hobby videos. Be sure to view at least three final wedding videos from videographers you’re considering to ensure shots are in focus, audio is balanced, and the wedding day is captured in its fullness. If your videographer is offering to shoot your entire wedding day for $0 - $800, just be wary of the quality of final video you’ll receive.

  • Working well with others: If your vendors are unfamiliar working with one another, there can be some unspoken “competition” for the best shots between your photo and video teams. This can mean unexpectedly longer photo time on the wedding day, uncomfortable situations between your vendors which ultimately have a big impact on your wedding day experience.

  • More vendors to manage: Similar to your photography team that has a lead and an assistant, your videographer will likely also include a lead and an assistant videographer. Including a videographer in your wedding day can effectively double the number of vendors you’ll be directly surrounded with throughout your wedding day, so just be prepared especially if your venues are tight on space.

  • Cost: Experienced and skilled wedding videographers can cost $2,500 - 4,000 or more which I know can be a significant percentage of your overall budget, but if you’re planning your wedding at least 12 months in advance, that could simplify to reserving an extra $208 - 334 each month before your wedding day.

In my own wedding planning experience, Zack and I did not hire a videographer. but I think I would have enjoyed a wedding video of our special day in 2015. To be able to hear laughter, speeches, vows and see the smiles, dances, and walks down the aisle in motion would be priceless. For me, it would have kept the memories fresher with each passing wedding anniversary because I have a terrible memory for details even as special as my wedding day.

There may be more pros or cons to wedding videography that are specific to your situation, so be sure to consider it all. Consider if videography is best for your wedding day while giving yourself plenty of time to research, hire and budget for a wedding video if you decide to go that route.

To help you consider the difference videography could make for your wedding day keepsakes, here's one of my favorite wedding videos, shot with Michelle & Jordan. Hearing Jordan and Michelle read their vows to one another is just a cherished way they can now remember more detail from their special day.

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