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Hannah & Jordan | Plumb Grove Mansion

Hannah and Jordan were one more of my sweet couples who entered our February engagement session giveaway contest. I was really looking forward to meeting and working with them because the way Hannah described Jordan and how he proposed told me how much they truly care for one another.

Side note-- if any wanna-be fiancées out there need tips on proposing, get in touch with Jordan. His proposal included a massage, a birthday party for Hannah and FIREWORKS. So cool. These two sweethearts met their freshman year of community college and then went separate ways to their four year colleges. I'm so happy to see how they rose to the challenge of dating long-distance while also prioritizing their classes-- it's not easy! I mean, dating in general-- opening your heart and time to get to know someone-- can be challenging because vulnerability feels so risky to our hearts and minds.

What if I discover something I can't stand about him and then all this time invested getting to know him is "wasted?" Or what if he finds out something about me that makes him not love me?

Dating is risky business, so bravo to those, like Hannah and Jordan, who decided, no matter what, this person is worth getting to know better (with classes and distance thrown in the dating equation to boot!).

Hooray for love! Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of Hannah and Jordan being snuggly and cute together at the fabulous Plumb Grove Mansion in Clear Spring, Md.!

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