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5 Guidelines for Planning Your Best Wedding

People may tell you that there are "rules" to wedding planning you must follow, but every wedding is truly different with unique people, families and emotions. Thanks to the TLC network, you can see firsthand that some brides have already given themselves permission to wear black wedding gowns, marry themselves without an officiant and host their ceremonies underwater in the Caribbean!

Learning from my own experience and listening to other brides, I hope you can use these guidelines to choose the most joy in your wedding planning and experience your best wedding day.

1. Stick to your values With so many people generous to volunteer their opinions about your wedding plans, make sure you confirm what you most value about your day and hold tight to it! Whether it’s your dream wedding gown or including all of your immediate family members in the ceremony, know what’s most important to you about your wedding day and commit to seeing it through.

2. Know your budget Your wedding can be as affordable or as astronomically expensive as you want it to be. Before you start making deposits and signing contracts, be sure to understand who’s contributing what and budget accordingly. If you find that the expenses of your wedding vendors and services exceed your given budget, refer to Number 1 in this list. Decide which items you can compromise on without giving up your what you value most about your special day.

3. Choose whose opinions are most important Everyone means well to offer their perspective on your wedding plans. They want you to have a fabulous wedding day! But always keep in mind whose opinions truly matter to you in your wedding planning. It may be your fiancee, your mom and your best friend. Once you decide whose opinions matter most, you free yourself to say “thanks” [and internally “no thanks”] to your work friend’s brother’s cousin’s raving review of why every wedding needs fireworks.

4. Communicate You may find it easier to communicate with your fiancee than others but be sure you’re keeping the right people updated with your wedding plans. It may be beneficial to include your and your fiancee’s parents on the wedding planning details, especially if they are helping financially. It’s not an obligation; it’s a courtesy and a small way you can thank them. Communicating early and often is a best practice to avoiding frustration and can help manage emotions of the process as well.

5. Ask for help Your wedding is a big investment of time, resources and emotions, so I understand why it feels safer to do everything yourself. No problem with wanting to manage all of it yourself, but be sure to care for you throughout the planning process. Be mindful of when your stress level, health or amount of sleep may be suffering. Remember that you have at least one other person on your team in this process (your fiancee!) and the family and friends closest to you love you! Why wouldn't they want to help you?

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