5 Details to Bring to Your Bridal Suite

You’ve swooned over the wedding galleries of other brides, but haven’t considered how to help make sure you receive the same romantic, cherished images from your upcoming wedding. Like anything else in wedding planning, helping your photographer capture all the beautiful details from your wedding takes, you guessed it, a little planning.

Most of these five items will already be in the bridal suite with you (like your wedding gown, duh), while other items may be on site or waiting for you at the ceremony location. To best cover all of your detail images in an efficient amount of time, it’s important to make sure they’re all in the same room with you and ready when your photographer arrives! For me, I prefer to photograph the bridal details as soon as I arrive on site to ensure your details are captured in style and can move forward with the rest of the day without stress that we missed them.

Coordinate with your photographer and bring these simple five items to your bridal suite as you’re getting ready, prepare yourself for having your own swoon-worthy, romantic shots of your bridal details:

1. The dress, veil, and shoes

These items are the obvious ones that I probably don’t need to remind you to bring but are worth mentioning anyway. Oftentimes, the dress, veil and bride’s shoes are photographed in several combinations to best flatter the detail of the dress and shoes. The veil will be included in these detail shots, but could also take the center of attention in bride and groom portraits later in the day, romantically blowing in the soft breeze. Additionally, any jewelry you as the bride will wear on your wedding day is good to include in these detail shots.

2. All three rings

Yup! Capturing his and her rings together at the start of the wedding day is the best timing. They look great photographed alongside the invitations and wedding details. When I’m unable to photograph the groom’s wedding band with the bride’s engagement and wedding rings, I have to ask to borrow them during the reception. When I have to resort to photographing the rings during the reception, I’ve noticed that the bride and groom can feel a little wary about taking off their precious marriage symbols. It’s usually loud, busy, and high energy at the reception, and while I’ve never lost a ring, I hate to make you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. It’s best if we photograph the rings first thing and not worry about it later!