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and Hagerstown, Md. regions

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 Hello. Lovely to meet you!

Hi, I'm Kimber, and I really like taking beautiful photos for the bride on her wedding day! As the wedding specialist who spends the most time with the bride on her big day, my goal is always to give the bride and her groom the most fun and the least stress! This is why I throughly plan and prepare the timeline in advance with the bride, so I know how to pace the day while the bride and her loved ones simply enjoy the experience! 

I've been a creative head since I was little, and I am so grateful to create for a living now. When I was young, I enjoyed designing and sewing new clothes for my Barbie dolls and making furniture for my toys out of Popsicle sticks. Now I get to create images and designs for amazing brides and grooms, and I still love love LOVE the process of taking an idea from vision to delivered product. 

When I'm not shooting or editing photos, I like to visit with family, volunteer with our local youth group, or (I'll admit it) plop on the couch to watch TV. Downton Abbey is my most recent favorite, but The Office is also a show that never grows old to rewatch!

I am married to the best man God could have given me, and we currently live in southwestern Pennsylvania with our two kitties, Kylo Ren and BB-8. My husband, Zachary, is a soccer coach, so both of us have busy fall seasons! 

Have a specific question to ask directly? Send me a message!